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A Special Mother Baby Bonding With 4D Ultrasound Imaging

By Leena L Marcos

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and sacred phases in a woman’s life. Both parents are just eager to take a look at their baby; and toady, instead of waiting for delivery, 4D imaging makes it possible for you to take a look at your baby even during pregnancy. In fact, research has shown that viewing an image brings about great changes in the mother’s health habits as they feel a close bonding with the baby.

Basically, images have been around for a long time, since 1987. Over the years, technology has developed, and with it, imaging. From the first 2D images, you have the present 4D technology where you get to see all angles of your new born baby.

What is it?

3D/4D is a medical technique used to display 3D/4D dimensional images of the baby. Improved technology makes it possible to scan the whole fetus area and based on these scans, make dimensional image changes.

The original 2D images created black-and-white swirls and steaks for images, which made it rather difficult to identify the different parts of a baby’s body. Today, 4D imaging helps you see all the features of your baby, in different angles. The images however depend on the position of the baby, the baby’s gestational period and position, the amount of fluid in the body and the mother’s condition.
See your baby yawning

So clear is 4D imaging that you will be able to see your baby’s little hands, a yawn, a kick and even see them stretching and changing positions. All this can be captured as a video clipping and stored in a disk so that you will be able to cherish these precious and special moments for as long as you want.

Just imagine, with 4D imaging, you no longer have to wait for your baby’s delivery; you can enjoy seeing her or him while inside your body. This gives a greater sense of bonding, which never existed between a mother and child before!

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